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tv   News  ABC  December 20, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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now, "good morning, maryland." a deadly fire in east baltimore is the second one in the city in a week. second one that could be arson. it's been a long-standing and controversial policy. now gays and lesbians could start serving openly in the military. and it was a big day and a big game for running back ray rice and the baltimore ravens. they clinched a playoff spot and
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beat the superbowl champions in the process. it's monday december 20thp good morning, i am charlie crowson. >> i am megan sprinkle -- pringle. thanks for joining us a special good morning and happy birthday to mama jean brown who is the mother of kim brown and watchesy morning thankfully. loves the ravens and colts and we want to say good morning. we love your daughter and hope you have a wonderful birthday. >> the excitement that kim is showing over this. i hope she can bottle that up. >> let's see if we can get some sunshine. justin, see what you can do. >> reporter: good morning. i am not sure she will be happy about this. but some of you will. winter puts an extra little glimmer on the smile for some. and the so tills -- solstice, stam at 6:38 in the evening. today, go down as the last day the autumn. oh, but in between we have a lunar eclaps and total lunar eclipse tomorrow morning and we will give you the times in a few
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minutes. but it's going to be predawn not so much tonight if you want to see that. by the way, christmas snowstorm looks more and more likely. i am holding a 70% chance we will have a white christmas of some sorts. how big the storm turns out to be is up for debate but there's a lot of agreement with computer model we will get something moderate to significant around here. we maybe changing the verbatim across the week but we will stick with moderate to significant right now. clouds rolling in but they are dry. they are not producing snow out of it. locally 25. and baltimore 28 in easton and there's the almanac for the day. we begin at 26 and aim for 45 and stay well below normal. forecast coming up in a moment. right now, mama jean brown here is your lovely daughter with traffic. >> reporter: thanks, justin. my mom loved the fact we will have a white christmas like most christmas time babies. she is into winter and loves the holiday season. that's always good news. this morning, traffic is looking good on the beltway looking live across the top side.
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695 at providence road, traffic is moving pretty well. a hand full of accidents accidents outside of the beltway including a crash involving multiple vehicles at route 140 eastbound at 91. also in towson a accident involving a bicyclist struck by a vehicle. that's at gasper and providence. expect delays there. and we have crash activity lingering in randalstown eastbound liberty road at offutt road. now back to you. thanks a lot. they were handing out smoke detectors in a neighborhood while a fire burned minutes away. this is the second deadly fine in-- fire in one week and investigators say the most recent could be -- could have been set on purpose. >> reporter: investigators say the most recent fire was set intentionally. the timing is ironic because it happened hours before for fighters were set to go door to door handing out smoke alarms. early saturday morning, crews sifted through the pieces of jet another -- yet another fatal
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time on homestead street where a man was killed. a day later, investigators ruled it arson. no word on if there were working smoke detector. it happened blocks away from homewood avenue where six people died in a fire days before. the memorial continues to grow outside the home. firefighters walked the neighborhood saturday making sure every home has work smoke alarms. >> you see firefighters have an opportunity to interact face-to-face, hand in hand with the neighbors in the community where we just lost 6 peoples. >> some people might say it's too late. they should have did it before but i think it's great idea because a lot of people don't have smoke detectors. . >> reporter: and the seven fire deaths oft past week bring the total to 19. that's the same as last year. chief cartwright says spoke alarms can -- smoke alarms can increase your chance of surviving a fire. they investigated there were two smoke detegor in the homewood
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avenue fire where six people were killed but they are not sure if they were working. harold corner abc2 news. for the first time in 17 years, gays and lesbians can serve openly in the military. white house is celebrating after congress passed a bill that will repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy. eye won't take effect immediately those who were ash iewlts of the policy say it's long overdo. >> it's a great day for the country and for our history. >> the air force flight nurse dies charged while it was known she became a lesbian hopes to get back to her job. the president is expected to sign the bill this week. pentagon must certify that ending don't ask, don't tell will adversely not affecting military. >> we like babies. and like fires and watching
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buildings fall down a suggestar -- sugar refinery company comes down but the demolition doesn't go as planned. the dynamite brought down one of the buildings. but the other tower stood doll and their attempt failed and then watch. wait. exactly. that building did collapse unhe can expectedly around #:30. many spectators were on hand when the second building came down waiting for it to come down. the implosion was done to make way for a redevelopment site scheduled on the property. the winter weather created a traffic nightmare in a washington state neighborhood. look at this. this is the same. justin this is a scene as drivers tried to navigate the snow hills. cars spending out of control like bumper cars.
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one another but thankfully, no one was injured. 6:36. some shoppers say it was the nuttiest thing they had seen. one hundred people dressed up like santa in dateton, ohio. they were being naughty not nice. some even got arrested. this is part of santa con. people dressed up as santa and go on a pub crawl and ohio santas were giving candies to adults and singing christmas carols. >> everywhere cops were. santas were running everywhere with their hats. yeah. one of the most craziest things i've ever seen. >> those taken away by police were charged with resisting arrest. the naughty santas said they were heading holiday cheer and mall security and police overreacted. something few of us can say we have done especially in elementary school. a surprise at a holiday
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concert for musical kids. and what's going on with the terps coach. he he is the acc coach of the year and may be out of a job. it's 25 degrees. good morning, maryland.
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this is -- >> don't break anything. >> break the desk. 3, 2, 1. this is a season of school holiday concerts and usually it's the audience of those performance that is did it again. proud parents and grandparents and friends. >> an elementary cool in new york staten island this week, there was a very special guest. david has the story. >> reporter: ann hathaway walked into the dymally lit awed tomorrowium and down aisle to tell the 5th grade chorus she is a huge fan. >> wow you are incredible. >> reporter: she discovered them
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as we had from their performances on youtube. billions have watched them. ♪ the eyes of the tiger >> reporter: we first visited them the music teacher says he started it as a sort of musical escape. in a school where 3/4 of the children qualify for free lunch. he told them forget sheet music. just sing. it turn out ann hathwayaway had--voight for them cohosting the oscars and they had no idea she now want them to come to per-- she now wants them to come to perform. >> i am here to invite you guys to. [ screams and cheers. >> reporter: the invite was drowned by the excitement. they will be flown to hollywood in february and the actress was overwhelmed. and for the teacher, it was like getting an oscar himself. >> like the culmination of everything we worked for. i am overwhelmed.
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>> we are going to rock this show. >> how cute is are the kids. they will perform on sunday february 27th at the oscars. it's 6:42. if you why at the mall joy may have run into mouse cal shocks. was a musical performance at in order tom. police areer is ming for who is behind the wheel of the other car that hit three pedestrian. meet the soup bowl champs but it was not easy. highlights from the rains game.
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now, "good morning, maryland." thaption for gong us this morning. i am megan pringle. >> this is your abc2 news to go i am charlie crowson. let's kick it off with justin berk. >> 6:46. we are starting off on a quiet note and clouds rolling in across the state across the bay bridge and making blobbing out the early morning sun. we have a temperature of 25 in town. there's no flurries out of the
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clouds. 28 in easton and we are speccing a breeze to pick with up partly sunny sky. 33 as the two degree guarantee. trying to thin out the clouds for it to be full moon eclipse. it will be tomorrow morning before daybreak. the time on that and the outhook for the buzz of the week which will be the potential for a christmas snowstorm. we will have that in a moment. right now, kim has traffic. >> reporter: well, if you heading towards the tunnels, you won't entercounter problems or delays. no probable loans 95 or 895 looking good at the o'donnell street exit. we have a couple accidents involving multiple vehicles. route 10 at route 91, ex13ebg9 days. and crash being a -- expect delays there. and liberty road at off ffutt and an accident involving a struck bikeel sift in towson the avoid the area and use joppa road as an alternate. now back to you. >> 6:47. it's a number that city fire officials were hoping to avoid.
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19. the same number as last year. we are talking about deaths in fines and investigators are talking about when caused the latest fire. cheryl oconner is here. >> reporter: investigators say they have enough information to now call it arson. what's it be did let's go out to east baltimore where crews worked through the pieces of another fatal fire. one man was-side the home and unable to escape. his identity hasn't been release. the foyer happened saturday morning hours before firefighters were set to knock on doors along homewood avenue. of course that's where six people died in a house fire earlier in the week. and in that home, investigators say there were two smoke detectors but we don't know if they were working. can advancing the neighborhoods they replaced old smoke detectors and installed new ones. >> this is literally a city wide call to action for anyone that is without a smoke alarm, take a walk down the street, get in
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your car, go to your local fire station and complete a simple form and the firefighters will come out to your home and intall smoke alarms in your home. >> some people sleep in basements. some sleep upstairs all levels, and i have everything covered and i am 100% safe me and my kids. >> reporter: the most recent fire deaths brings the total to 19 in the city and that's the same number as last year. if you live in the city and need a smock detector, you are encouraged to go into the closeet fire station. you will get one for free. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> additional arrest and charges have been dropped. but in the meantime we will switch genes and talk about amtrak official ace pole jizzing yesterday for a communication breakdown that happened on friday after a signal failure was made. it made 57-hour day on the northeast-- delay on the northeast corridor and a more miserable ride for 1700
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passengers stuck on trains in the station. amtrak says the problem started when power lines fell sht shutting down the corridor sis nalling system. seven trains were held at the station but this was from dc to new york. it left 7:30 at night and didn't get into new york until 6:15. that trip normally takes 3 1/2 hours. it's ten minutes before the -- before the hour. a violent weekend across the city and county. news you may not want to hear. but we have to pass this along. misfound a woman's body wrapped in plastic. around 2:30 saturday afternoon, officers were called to the 1800 block of 19th -- 29th street of the body of a 4 #-year-old woman was found. no word on the suspect motive or cause of death. police are calling it a murder. she watts reported missing wednesday. in glen burnie a fight end with a man being stabbed to death. officers responded to the fight at at cromwell field shopping center and found james anthony
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liberto of stab wounds. police arrested the man they say stabbed him, 39-year-old rowan michael long. he's been charged with second degree murder. and in severnn they are looking for a suspect in a robbery and murder he. the investigation tells them if he was found dead around 7:15 saturday night. police found the man lying in the road in the 1800 block of meade village circle. he died at -- he diedality shock trumma. if you have any information police want to hear from you. >> a family will gather to remember their father who was killed on wise avenue in front of the sea horse in and his daughter says the person who do this drove away. she is holding a victim i will as the two-year anniversary of her fast's day. it had been at six tonight. if you have initial about the death and the cash, -- crash,
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give them a call. three people were hit by a car and police want to know who is at fall. it happened before 6:30 saturday night on eastern avenue in the dundalk area near chuck e. cheese. investigators say two children and an adult were taken to john hopkins but are expected to survive. it's 6 chn 52 right now. saying is no good deet goes unpunished. two guys were fined by natural resource police after the two helped rescue a deer trapped in a frozen river. baltimore county fire and natural resources police were called out to the bridge last week after the deer fell through the ice. the two men were there on the scene helping save the deer. they received tickets because they didn't have life jackets or notation aboards the enflattable boat. they say they plan to fight the citations.
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defending superbowl champs came to town and ray rice and the ravens sent them packing back to the big easy empty-handed. rice road up 230 yards on the ground and received along with two touchdowns as baltimore won the 10th game of the season. the pird jumped out to a lead midway through the second quarter but we have seen this before. right? saints tie it at 24 early in the mouth. -- fourth. but rice and the resurgeent d doing their part to ice this. the cold confines of the bank. >> what is everybody willing to sacrifice for one goal? you know, and the overall goal is to win a superbowl. let's not forget they were the defending champs and they still are until someone knocks them off to. beat them when they were peaking and how many games they won, it says something about our team. >> ray rice alluding to the
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speech ray lewis gave the teammates saturday night. the ravens hired the steelers at 10-4 following the loss to the jets 22-17. if both teams spinish with identical records on the season, it's pittsburgh over baltimore. back over here. >> the rumor started flying but it looks like the university of maryland are going to close the door on the fridge. this is true. mullet pel sources report maryland official told the head to the ball coach he will not be back next season. those reports indicated he was being asked to retire but the school can buy him out of the fine years of the contract if they so choose. he was named acc coach of the year and got maryland terps bowl eligible but not so good. the word on the street is motorcycle leech could be the man to replace regied as he is on the way out.
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you see the flash mops on you tube but you may have seen this in annapolis. >> check this out. ♪ [ music ] >> this is 1reudo of the annapolis choir posted on youtube singing a chorus from handles messiah. they were joined at st. and he's emiscopal church giving a preview of the performance and they did that over the weekend. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. a lot of people are thinking hey, let it snow. you may be putting the spoons under the pillow and pajamas inside out, whatever you can do. we are starting out dry. some clouds are rolling in but there's no snow. hey, remember the storm that never really happened yesterday. well it happened off the coast
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and hitting eastern new england. that crearchtion up and causing a block in the as mosser for. why is that important because -- over 1 hundred inches of snow in portion of the sierra nevada over 100 inches. that race east and could create a christmas snowstorm thanks to the storm that missed us yesterday. we are dry and 33. tonight, partly cloudy and the chance of seeing the eclipse between 2:41 a.m. and 3:53 a.m. as well. more on the storm online at we are looking at friday night and christmas eve saturday. kim. >> reporter: justin, this morning you won't find problems around the beltway but we are seeing volume pick up. not causing major delays. 895 the o'donnell street exit heading towards the harbor tunnel. route 140 and 91 in finksburg involves multiple accidents this morning. megan and charlie, back to you. >> thanks so much for joining us on this monday morning. don't foreget about "good
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morning, maryland" at nine. you will have weather and traffic throughout the morning. see you later. >> didn't say it. >> what? it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can ..™ to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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